Turning Archive 2008

Looking for finishing "jig"

Larry In Lima
>I'm looking for something like a lathe with the 1x8 spindle, that would just be used for finishing things once they are turned. Something like a headstock with a spindle, but no bed, no motor, no power, etc. I'd like to be able to just manually turn/rotate whatever finished item I have, and leave it to dry. Ideally, it would accept a chuck, etc., for holding the wood while it is being finished. Some of the finishes I use take a while to dry, and I'd like to use the lathe during this time. I find myself rushing things so to speak in order to get them off the lathe so that I can go on to something else.

Of course I'm too cheap and poor to want to dedicate an actual lathe to the finishing process.

I had seen someone making these on Ebay a couple years ago, but anyway, does anyone know where to find one of these types of things?


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