Turning Archive 2008

Ball end mill on a stick for boxes?

Craig Daymon
>I was watching a Woodturning episode from the DIY channel today and David Hout was using a ball end mill (1/4" maybe, maybe bigger?) in the end of about a 3/4" rod to clean up the bottom of a lidded contain they were making. Anyone else ever try this? What size end mill do you use? What is the orientation of the end mill when cutting? They mentioned turning it slowly once inside to start cutting, but never showed what that orientation was.

This looks like an easy tool to make, should it be useful. Might even be good for hollowing in general?

In the episode, they referred to it as a "french curve scraper". I HOPE (after 13 stitches and nerve damage) that this never leads anyone to use a french curve scraper inside such a turning. Otherwise, it's a good chance they will relive my experience. A ball end mill on the end of a stick IS NOT a french curve scraper!


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