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Captured Hollowing System Compendium Fallout *LINK*

charlie belden
>This forum is going to bankrupt me.

Before I joined a turning club, and before I found rec.crafts.woodturning, and WoodCentral, I was blissfully ignorant, poking sharp pieces of steel at spinning chunks of wood and getting a book or DVD on turning now and again. I had barely an inkling of all the stuff for turners that lurked just outside the shop door.

If curiousity kills cats, I'm in deep doo-doo. I read the log of the Wednesday Nigth Chat on hollowing systems and got intrigued. So I go looking for the captured systems mentioned and put what I find on a web page. And while collecting images and info I discover a "need" (it's actually a "want", not a "need") I didn't even know I had.

So I send an inquiry to Randy Privett about the MiniMonster and would you believe he had one on hand? No waiting for three weeks delivery!

Alas, in the hour it took to work out paying for it without using PayPal, and a trip to the bank for a Bank Cheque - guy with a small OneWay (I didn't even know OneWay did "small) - snapped up the available MiniMonster.

So now I get to anxiously await the arrival of a new toy - er - make that "essential TOOL" - and enjoy the growing anticipation.

In the mean time I'm going to hit the recycling center and turn my cans and bottle collection into much needed cash. Then I'm gonna look for change that's in and under the car and van seats and the couches. I'm hoping I can make another $10 or $15 mowing a lawn or too and I'm sure I can pick up some more cash washing a few cars.

This place is going to bankrupt me - or worse yet - make me go back to WORK. Maybe I'll just go back to being the Executive Director of The Pointy Stick Compendium Project. Pay sucks - but it doesn't COST me anything.

Patiently Waiting
charlie belden

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