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Liability from a charity auction?

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I'm not looking for legal advice here, but just curious how others have done this.

Like Steve a few threads below, I've decided to offer an "Afternoon of turning" as a bid object at my kid's school fundrasier this spring. Talking to some of the people on the PTA, this idea is being very well received and I think it will generate some money for the school. When people see a piece I've done, they often ask "How did you do that?" This is a way to show/instruct someone who is really interested in this.

However, should I in any way be concerned about the liability of having a stranger in my shop and my teaching them to turn? Like all woodshops, there are lots of sharp things and the potential, however slight on a lathe, for personal injury is there. Also, though, I would obviously never let someone try something that I thought was dangerous and would be helping them along the entire project. The only tool they will be allowed to use is the lathe. I will have the blank prepped and ready to go.

For those that have done this, did you have your winning bidder sign a liability form or anything? Is that something I can write myself and have them sign or does a lawyer have to be involved to make it more legal? I'm not balking at the cost of hiring a lawyer to do this, but if it is not needed, then I won't persue it.

To be clear, I myself will not get any money for this, I am not being paid, all the money is being donated to the school.



Just covering the bases in Apex, NC

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