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How strong is superglue?

Aage Rendalen
>I grew cocky and did not coat my rough-turned cherry bowl with anchorseal. (In the past I have hardly ever lost a bowl to cracking.) I sealed up the cracks with thin superglue and went ahead and finish-turned it. The bowl was fairly big at 17" and the vibrations generated during finish-turning was enough to destroy the superglue bond. I then went ahead and filled the three cracks that went from the rim to the transition area of the bowl with sanding dust and soaked it in superglue. Yesterday when I picked up the bowl it went snap, crackle, pop on me and the biggest of the cracks opened up again.

My question: is superglue normally that feeble? Should I switch to traditional yellow glue instead? And if I do, will the result be good?

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How strong is superglue?
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