Turning Archive 2008

A question for the professional turners?

steve antonucci
>I enjoyed reading the thread below, and I think that there are certainly some agreed upon facts about the challenges around a life in woodworking.

One thing I didn't hear anyone comment on was "outsourcing" some of the work. I'm not talking about teaching your kids to sand a bowl (although I've tried...:-), but more the marketing and administrivia that come with running your own business. For those of you turning for profit (where it actually gets declared as an income source on your taxes), why don't you enlist the help of others to lessen the burden? Seems like a way of producing more and selling more?

Might be your wife handling the books or calling designers to market the goods. Could be a CPA reviewing the books. Might be a marketing professional helping you secure business so you can focus on making things.

What prevents you from enlisting the help of others?


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