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Powermatic 4224 wiring

>Hello, I just got an estimate of having 220 run to my garage and realized that it will be a while before we can have that done. I have a Powermatic 4224 that I really want to get running. I am trying to run a cord to the dryer outlet and am having problems. I am getting power to the lathe but the inverter starts running as soon as I plug it in, and the display numbers on the front panel and the inverter both light up. I am assuming that this is not correct. I bought the lathe used was told that the remote power switch does not work and when I took that apart they had the white and black lines on the switch connected, bypassing the switch. Could that be causing the problem?

I have an old style dryer outlet and the plug (3 prong) has a diagram for red/black/white wires. The plug that is on the lathe is a 6-20P so I bought a 6-20R plug for the cord end. I asked the guy at the electrical store how to put the wires and he (and another friend agreed) said to run the green wire to the neutral prong on the plug that goes to the dryer outlet. I put the green to the green screw on the other plug. Is this correct? I used 10/3 wire.

The lathe seems to run fine and the speed dial works. I have not turned anything on it.
One other thing, the sensor does not seem to be working correctly. The RPM's seem correct on the inverter display but not on the lathe display. It seems correct at lower speeds but then goes back to 0 at higher speeds.

Any suggestions? I would like to just remove the wiring from the remote cord but the wiring diagram does not show it without it.

I'm stumped.


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