Turning Archive 2008

OT - The Internet and April 1st

Craig Daymon
>I've abandoned newspapers. I've always hated dealing with the news print, but now that I can get news from the internet it's not an issue.

EXCEPT! April 1st! and, because things on the internet never really disappear, a couple months (sometimes years) afterwards.

It's not so bad on sites like WoodCentral, where the joke is somewhat more obvious (though I do suspect to hear someone asking about the Lee Valley tenon cutter about 6 months from now), but on the more news oriented sites it can be a real problem.

I read http://slashdot.org every day for news with a technology orientation. SEVERAL times I have seen April Fool's Day jokes from Slashdot appear as legitimate news stories several days or weeks later on the major news sites. It's too bad it's not possible to set an expiration date on stories posted on the internet so AFD jokes could disappear after the first.

Anyway, this is going to bug me more when seemingly legitimate stories/deals too good to be true/interesting, but odd tools come back to haunt in a few months.


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