Turning Archive 2008

Charity Auctions

Steve in NC
>Each year our church has a fundraiser where they auction off donated goods and services. For the past several years I have donated a piece or two to the auction. They have always sold but usually at less than I thought they should. (this seems to be the case for artwork in general at this auction)

This year, I deceided to offer an afternoon "Learn to Turn" class instead of a finished piece. Tunrs out several folks were interested and bid each other up to the winning bid $125.00. The winner is comming over in two weeks to collect her "prize". I am looking forward to preparing for and teaching the session. Other than hosting a "Pinewood Derby Workday" in my shop each fall for the last 15 years, this will by my first teaching experience.

I was very suprised by the increased interest in the turning class rather than a finished piece of work. The winner said she had been interested in turning for a while and wanted to see how it worked.

Stay tunned.


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