Turning Archive 2008

Trimming Bowl Blanks

Steve in NC
>A few weeks ago, a friend gave me several logs, Sugar Maple I beleive, 14-18 inches in diameter. I ripped them in half with the chain saw but they would not fit under my band saw to trim into round blanks. Rather than fire up the chain saw on a early Sunday morning, I remembered that I had purchsed (but never used) some "pruning" blades for my Milwaukee Sawzall several several months ago. I put in one of the blades and while a rather slow process it worked out just fine to trim the blank.

I had tried the Sawzall before with a standard wood cutting blade with poor results. (The blade was too flexible.) These pruning blades are much stiffer with a very aggresive tooth pattern. Would not want to make a habit of it but it sure helped in a pinch.

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