Turning Archive 2008

Heavy Metal *PIC*

>I just couldn't resist the name. This is a piece of slightly spalted Eastern Hophornbeam that I cut on my property. This wood is locally known as Ironwood. My wife saw the piece, and the first words out of her mouth were "it's cracked". Well the wood was cracked when turned, and I don't think it was going anywhere, but since this was her perception, I thought I needed to do something about it. In the past I've filled cracks, but I decided to leave the cracks and highlight them with a dovetail inlay. I remember seeing a couple of large Shaker bowls at the Hancock Shaker Village that had cracked from use and were repaired with dovetail keys and liked the effect. I was looking through my wood stash for a wood that looked good with the Hophornbeam and found a small piece of wood I had called leadwood. Not sure of the species, or even where it comes from, but it must be tropical.

So, leadwood and ironwood.....Heavy Metal.


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