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Milo Vessel *PIC*

>After posting a picture of some butternut bowls I turned for xmas and whining about how difficult I found the wood to turn, I got an email from David Chung who proposed a wood exchange. He sent me a block of Milo from Hawaii where he lives. I had several other projects going this winter, but finally got around to turning it. The block he sent me was a largish branch with the pith included and was sealed well. I found the wood was SWEET to turn. It has a pleasant odor which reminds me of some other wood I've turned, but can't put my finger on, maybe Myrtle. I decided to carve the piece and found that it was just as nice to carve as it was to turn.

All comments/critiques welcome.

Thanks for the experience and the wood David.

Mike Foster

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Milo Vessel *PIC*
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