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tenon turning..I forgot how !!

Paige Cullen
>Hi,I once took a woodturning class to try to learn bowl turning.I've been turning pens,stoppers,light pull and other small items for a few years.I have the bowl mounted with a faceplate and the tail stock pulled up.I've been shaping the side with several bowl gouges.I'm attempting to turn the tenon but can't exactly remember what to do to get the side of the tenon to be nice and straight.Right now the end is pretty flat but the side looks like a mountain.Everyone can remember when they got started turning bowls will know how stupid I feel right now.
Can some one give a beginner some advice and maybe point me in the direction of a video instruction.I seem to do better when I can see something.I've looked at many websites and can't find any thing.The tenons are already turned in the videos.
Actually,I should wait until Tues. when I have a Woodturners' meeting of our club.
Anyway...anyone got any advice?
Thanks in advance,

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