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Weighted Tool Handles....

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>Some time ago,I added lead shot to the handles of some of my scrapers. If I'm installing a new handle I bore the hole for the tool a bit deeper than needed and add some lead shot. I bore an even deeper hole at the butt end and add shot using a temporary plug. When I feel that I have it right I glue the plug in. I feel that adding weight to give the right feel and balance helps to give a smoother more controlled cut with little or no vibration.

I recently received a bowl gouge and a detail gouge from Doug Thompson. I added lead shot in the same way when I installed the tools in their handles. I really like the feel and control that the added weight gives.

I have a couple of Glaser tools that are weighted of course. I prefer the feel of wood so don't use them very often. Also, the Glasers are a bit heavier than I like. Experimenting with the amount of shot gives me the custom fit and feel that I want.

I used to do a lot of skeet shooting and reloaded my shotshells using #9 shot. #9 is the smallest sized shot generally available. It's the same shot that Jerry Glaser used. Fortunately for me, I have some shot left over from my shooting days. Shot is available at some gun stores. It's a bit pricey at about $50 for a 25 lb. bag. It actually takes very little shot when weighting a handle, so 25 pounds is a lot of shot. Get your club to buy a bag. There really is no subsitute for small sized shot when weighting a tool handle.

Anybody else do this? I really recommend it.


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