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Ron McKinley
>Had a crew over today to trim some trees that were infringing on the power line, telephone, cable, etc. They left me two souvenirs—a cutout where the power line had carved a rather neat depression into a pine tree and a "hanging chad" where the tree had grown into the guyline which will be there for years! GRIN

Those guys were magicians with chain saws! I get heart palpatations every time I get mine out! I've been watching "The Ax Men" on the History Channel and these guys were just as good—on a much smaller scale. These trees overlapped my fence into two of my neighbors' yards and that didn't faze them at all.

One of the owners was a woodworker and both had turned on a lathe in high school so I got the promise of some good turning wood—which is rather rare here in the SOCAL High Desert where the only native tree is the Joshua Tree (a bundle of straws enclosed by rough bark—there was a Joshua Tree on the opening page here a few weeks ago). The trees they trimmed were all conifers so I didn't take any of the wood and let them grind it up and remove it. But they have a big Ash tree scheduled for tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that—if they come through. They left a piece of expensive equipment here today so maybe they will!

They only use Stihl chainsaws/treesaws. Said they've tried all the rest but Stihl is the most reliable/durable and easy to fix/adjust.

I really admire tradesmen that know their stuff! ......Ron

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