Turning Archive 2008

It is Bird House Time (Almost) *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>If spring ever arrives here in SW Ontario, it is time to get some more bird houses out there. I made one a couple of years ago which was a great success. Jenny Wren sings her heart out, just outside our front door and my den. This one is the prototype for a batch of 8 I am working on for my grand kids, nieces, neighbours etc. I am using up some scrap BC Cedar I have. Body is 6" in diameter by 7" high and is 9 staves. Hole is 1 1/4" for a wren. Roof is 8 compound staves (looks like more because I glued up two narrow boards). Am going to make the next ones with a slightly longer roof. A piece of log can be used for a roof instead of staves. Bottom is a piece from a dried up spruce 2x8 rescued from a building site. Finials are bits of spruce cutoffs I was saving to make wooden blocks for my grandkids and never get to. Anyone can make a bird house, only a turner makes round ones! Have added a 1/4" dowel perch since taking the photo. They are a great practical project. I almost feel like I am being drawn nto the segmented vortex, which I have always said I would not enter.

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