Turning Archive 2008

My First Teaching Session...

Dave Winters
>Went really well, I thought.

I started with just an overview of the equipment and thier operations. Then an overview of nomenclature.

Then we talked about safety, and how important that is. My wife is a Certified Hand Therapist!

When we finally got to making sawdust, I started him on Spindle Turning, just a 2x2x12 block of walnut. Roughed to a cylinder, then we cut some coves, first with a small scraper, then tried a little gouge.

On to faceplate work. Chucked a small block and had him turn a little bowl, and we were able to get it finished and signed!

4 hr session, $160.00

All in all, a good gig, but strangely I was bored to tears. Maybe I'm just not cut out for it.

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