Turning Archive 2008

Question for the Pen Turners

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I've been mainly a bowl/hollow form turner with just a few experiments turning pens. The dozen or so pens I've done have turned out ok, but honestly, it was the kits I just wasn't happy with. The fit and finish was often hit or miss it seems and the click mechanisms were a bit spotty. They were all kits from Woodcraft purchased over the course of a year. Their twist pen (slimline) seems to work fine, it is the click ones I have trouble with.

However, I've gotten an offer for a order to make a few for someone and I thought I would ask here if anyone has a favorite pen kit supplier? I am specifically looking for the click pen types.

Thanks in advance!


Gotta find my pen stuff in Apex, NC!!

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