Turning Archive 2008

Easter Egg: Could be... *PIC*

>If you squint a bit, anyway. Or it could be a tie-die pattern on a tee shirt. It has been a long time since I tried a Norfolk Island Pine shape where the goal was to get as much of the branches involved in the pattern as possible. Then, surprise! After soaking in Watco oil (natural) the spalt is more black than it is blue. Size: 12-5/8" dia.; 3-3/8" ht. The unseen base is flared inward from a 3-3/8" diameter and is 7/8" high before it meets the downward curve of the dish. I like to turn my platters with a simple continuous curve; only difference is the depth of the curve that results. A little less than 1/8" thick. With the amount of spalting, not very much light can be seen when spotlit from the rear. My photo technique is to set the tripod-mounted camera to an Aperture Priority Mode (F-8.0) and turn off all the lights. Set the self-timer to 10 seconds, then pick up a light socket with a reflector spotlight, and shine on the back observing the translucence. The exposure in the dark after the 10 seconds is whatever he camera determines in the auto-exposure mode. Movement of the hand-held light source does not seem to affect the picture quality, but John and Jamie may say otherwise.

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