Turning Archive 2008

Tool Gloat - Pics coming

Randy G
>So last Saturday I saw an add from my Local Craigslist for a bandsaw, Looked and saw was a Mini Max 18" S45 model bandsaw. E-mailed the owner quickly but never heard back. Figured they sold it quick. Well yesterday afternoon I got a call back said he still had it. Just hadn't had time to call anyone back. Figuring if I delayed at all, I'd miss out, I told him I'd be right up. Got there and the saw looked great. Was a little dirty because it had been sitting in the corner of his garage unused for a couple years he said but otherwise great shape. Well it ended up following me home for $350. He and I both are pretty sure I got a good deal on it.

18", 12" height, 1.8 HP 220 volt... VERY NICE :-D

I'll post pics when my wife get's back into town with the camera.

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