Turning Archive 2008

Supernova Jaw Screws: Two sizes!

Jerry Hall
>A while back I bought a SN2 to complement a SN2 I bought years ago that had a set of long nose jaws (now discontinued.) The screw heads from the new SN2 are a bit larger by a few thousanths and get caught in the long recess of the long nose jaws and are also a tight fit in all the jaws. I have had to pound them out of the recess when changing jaws. All the screws are labled "Nova." Now I have to keep track of 2 "types" of screws and am on the verge of painting the heads of the "good ones." Any one else with this problem? Does anyone know of a source for Nova screw sets available that might have been made to more accurate tolerances? I thought I was living good with two Nova Chucks, but this is "screwing" me up. You would think Nova could make machine screws that are accurate/consistent to a couple thousandths or so.

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