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Glue block broke...HELP

>Hi All

Been lurking for quite some time here and at other woodturning sites and been absorbing as much knowledge. I don't post much because I can't talk(type) fast.

As a beginning turner I have tried my hand a few times at segmented turning with varying degrees of success. I recently(just an hour ago) was in the shop and I was turning a bubinga bowl and was turing the outside, got a catch and the bowl went flying. Broke off right where the jaws clamp to the glue block. Inside has been smoothed out a little but my faceplate jaws will not hold onto the inside(too big) or the outside(too small). Tried to rechuck it numerous times and get an incredible wobble when turned on.
What can a budding woodbutcher...um...I mean woodturner do in this situation. Any advise other than don't get a catch.
I was using poplar as a glue block. What is the best wood to use in this situation? Tried plywood and that didn't last long with catches
I have a VS Jet mini.

Thanks for all the past knowledge and tips you all have freely posted here and at other sites.


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