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Kitchener-Waterloo Woodshow, 2008

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ontario
>Hi All,

This past weekend was the annual Kitchener Waterloo wood show. This was the third year that I have had a booth at the show.

The show as a three day show, but I was only able to attend Friday and Saturday. Set up was early on Friday and every year I find I have more to bring to the show.


The key element of the show for me is the banner I lay out for signatures and messages to Canadian soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan. The banner filled up quickly with thoughtful and giving comments. I will mail it off this coming week.


I also met a lot of great people, many pen turners. We shared thoughts on our pens, processes, materials and tools, all in all a learning experience all around. I am always amazed how many people I meet who are regulars in forums or just read them.


I also met a great many friends from the area, many others who lurk on the forums but came up and said hello.

My daughter came and spent the day with me in the booth, sheĺs a trooper, how many 11 year olds do you know who would sit there from 10AM - 6PM with dad and not complain.

She brought along some reading, some homework and even some knitting, I rewarded her with dinner out at her favorite place, A&W!

All in all a very good show, the banner is filled, having Dana with me for the Saturday was fun and also meeting so many friends.

Take care,

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