Turning Archive 2008

Removing Glaser Gouge From Handle?

David Propst
>I have a couple of Glaser tools that I have never used much. I have V15 5/8 bowl gouge that because of the narrow V grind clogs on me too frequently and the steep V-flute does not allow me to use a Ellsworth type grind which I prefer. I'm going to replace it with a Thompson V gouge, which is more like my other 5/8th, a very short Crown PM gouge. The other is tool I have is a Glaser bowl skew which I create a disaster with every time I pick it up :-)

My question is how do I remove the Glaser gouge from the handle? I remember reading at one time to use heat (torch or a gas grill?). I know they are replaceable, but before I do my usual try it and ask later I thought I'd ask.

Spending some time in the shop!

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