Turning Archive 2008

Countdown to the Abyss 4 days...

Ned Bulken
>Just got the call, buddy of mine and his ex girlfriend are seriously on the outs, and as a result, I get a nearly new Delta Midi with extension, some turning tools, and a HF 14" Bandsaw with riser block installed. Oh, plus I get a drill/driver some extra blades for the bandsaw and whatnot.

She won't give or even Sell him the tools he 'gave' her when they split up (I didn't ask, but he's the one who offered me the tools...)

but she's agreed to sell them to me for less than the cost of a New midi.

We're meeting up friday when his current gf can meet us all at the storage unit (referee?) at which point, I get a truckload of tools, and a somewhat lighter wallet. Now if I just had a roof on my shop, I'd be Much happier....

well, ok, just a little happier. I'm feeling much better right now, thank you!

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