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Comfort Tool Rest grip *PIC*

Gordon Seto
>In "Tool Rest Experience" thread,
I posted that I like the Robust Comfort Rest over the round tool rest because it allows me to hook my finger under the tool rest for better control. Here is how I do it. Because of the slant top, it allows room for me to hook my ring finger and I use the thumb and index finger to control the tool. Sometimes I use the middle finger extending under the spindle for supporting cut.

Ron posted a picture using the fingers over the tool rest. That is not my preferred method. I don't like to raise my left arm way over the headstock, spinning chuck; my arm get tired easily. I use Ron's method when I am holding the tool with left hand and right hand over the tool rest. I don't have to raise my right arm as high, and never have to worry about my sleeve being caught.

This is the way I do it. I acknowledge there are ways that are better and safer. If you don't have any tool control problem, you may not need to change a thing.


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Comfort Tool Rest grip *PIC*
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