Turning Archive 2008

Spindle turning *PIC*

>I've been practicing beads. Can you take a look at my results and make any suggestions?

I used a piece of construction lumber, a 2x8 reduced to 1.5" square blanks as recommended in Alan Lacer's video.

A series of v cuts were made 1.25" and .75" spacings across the blank. Working from right to left, the first 4 beads were cut with a 3/4" skew chisel. The next two were cut with a 3/4" spindle gouge. A 1 1/4" skew with a curved edge were used on the next two. And the last two on the left were cut with a 1" straight edged skew.

Now, while looking at the blank, I realize that when I turned it to round with my roughing gouge that I only used a skew chisel on the right hand half of the blank. The left hand side of the blank shows a slightly rougher surface due to the roughing gouge.

Continued practice will result in improvement, no doubt, but I wonder if experienced spindle turners can see any particular problems that might be caused by tools or techniques.

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