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Phil Brennion - Past AAW President and Artist *LINK*

Paulo Marin
>I would like to take this opportunity if this thread does not mind to call everybody's attention to Phil Brennion''s current condition.

Phil has been a past president of the AAW and firm supporter of all woodturning endeavors. I have received a disturbing message from Carl Voss, editor of the AAW's woodturning magazine (reproduced underneath...hopefully Carl or this site will not be mad with me for reproducing his email).

I know Phil Brennion personally and I can tell all of my woodturning friends and community that Phil is one of the kindest and caring individuals I have ever met. I am personally commited to help Phil and will do my very best to spread the word.

If you can somehow help us to help Phil Brennion, please read Carl Voss's email underneath.

Thank You All!

Paulo Marin

Former AAW President Phil Brennion is an inspiration to many in the
Woodturning world.

You may know Phil from his five productive years as an AAW board member and two years as AAW president. Or perhaps as the accomplished turner and teacher from Chino Valley, Arizona. Or maybe as a co-owner of Van Gogh’s Ear, a successful crafts gallery in Prescott. Or from one of his sparkling articles in American Woodturner or WOOD magazine. Or maybe as someone who enjoyed hiking, canoeing, and hunting with Phil in western states.

One thing for sure: If you know Phil, you know a person who makes the most of each day. And you no doubt have been inspired by his determination.

Phil’s mobility challenges began in 1982 with an ill-performed chiropractic procedure (the chiropractor soon abandoned his practice). Since then, Phil has endured eight surgeries on his neck and hips.

A weaker soul would have thrown in the towel, but not Phil. He found the strength to soldier forward and continue his giving back to the woodturning community, often to the determinant of his own career.

An ominous ninth surgery in July 2007 brought Phil once again to life’s edge. A surgical team at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix performed an emergency 10-hour procedure to de-tether his spinal cord. Following his latest surgery, Phil was paralyzed from the neck down. He then spent 107 days in the hospital and neurological wing floor. Five hours of therapy consumed large chunks of every day.

He is now at home and spends nine hours a week with occupational and physical therapists who are working with Phil to regain movement. Because he is a quadriplegic with no little hand movement, Phil has a high-tech wheelchair that he steers with his head by sensory pads.

Phil’s family is optimistic that he will regain movement in hands and legs with time (doctors say it can take up to two years to see what movement will be regained). In recent weeks, Phil has had occasional mobility in his left arm and sporadic movement in both feet, which is encouraging.

Friends of Phil: It’s your turn to help

In spite of healthcare insurance, the uncovered medical and therapy expenses have exhausted the Brennion finances. For example, by the end of May, Phil will have depleted the therapy allotments for 2008.

To help meet expenses not covered by insurance, a =93Friends of Phil’s checking account has been set up at a Chino Valley bank.

If you’re able to help this generous and caring woodturner, please send a check (payable to Brennion Account 778853713) to:

Chase Bank AZ1-0536
31 Butterfield Road
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

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