Turning Archive 2008

*** From the Cockpit: New Look ***

Ellis Walentine
>Hi folks,

I have just activated our new messageboard redesign, which explains why there may have been a couple server errors this morning. Sorry about that. The redesign has been in the works for several months now and is long overdue. I hope you like it. The functionality hasn't changed, so I wouldn't expect any fallout like we had the last time I did an overhaul. We'll be tweaking the look and performance for a while, but it's working pretty well now as is.

The most obvious thing you will see is that we've gone to a larger ad banner on the message-read pages and we've included ads at the bottom of the page especially for the benefit of our guestbook-style readers. I've also gotten rid of the Google ads on the message-read pages, at least until further notice. That's another loose end that I'll be considering again, probably in a month or so.

On another note, we've done some optimizing behind the scenes, which should result in an increase in page-loading speed.

As always, there may be snakes in the grass here somewhere. If you find anything amiss with the new pages, please let me know immediately. Thanks, and enjoy the new format.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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