Turning Archive 2008

Collar for Hollow Form

Barry Turner
>I have turned a couple of small hollow forms lately, my first two real hollow forms, actually. I have a small problem. I have turned collars for both forms from Ebony. The openings of the hollow forms are 1 1/4" and 1 3/4" with straight sides. The form thickness at the opening is approximately 1/4". I turned the collars with a small lip (1/16") with a drop-in fit into the opening.

Now, it seems the collars or the openings are expanding/contracting at different rates than the hollow form itself and the fit seems to be ever changing. The fit was perfect when I finishing fitting the collars. Now a few days later, it's too loose. With all of this expanding/contracting going on, I'm afraid the fit has too much clearance for a good glue joint. Do I need to use glue that has some flexibility? What type of glue should I use? CA? Polyvinyl? Aliphatic Resin? Gorilla Glue? Is there some fine point of collar fitting that I've missed? Advice please. Thanks.

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