Turning Archive 2008

Red Oak Limb

Wayne Carson "TX"
>A couple of weeks ago I did some pruning and cut a 3" limb off my red oak. Saturday I decided to try turning the green wood. It was actually a lot of fun nice flowing pieces. I turned it at 10:00 am and had to go install some cabinets I built. I got back at 5:00 pm and looked at it and it had cracked on one side for the entire length. The center of the limb was red as red oak should be but the outer 2" were white, I assume this is sapwood? Would the sap wood eventuall get red if left on the tree to grow. And is the splitting normal for this type of wood. I have never turned green wood before. I just split is up to see how it would split and it made nice streight grain sticks to small for anything but kindling.

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