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Nutmeg Grinder or Grater

Al Kapocius
>Kinda interested in making a mill for nutmeg. The British magazine Woodturning had an article about a year ago referencing a part kit from Craft Supplies Ltd, which has no relation to Craft Supplies USA as I have found out. Construction is similar to a pepper mill with a handle on top. The parts kit, a handle and shaft with spring loaded plunger plate and a removeable bottom stainless steel cutting plate (for replacing nutmegs) costs L8.95. This is about $18 US give or take a farthing. Sounds a bit steep seeing as pepper and salt mill innards run about half that.

Microplane has a nutmeg grater in a small box which can also be used to skin knuckles and fingertips. Dunno if their circular plate for corn plasters can be adapted for the above mentioned cutting plate.

I could query Connecticut woodworkers for advice. Oncet upon a time they were the world's only source for hand carved hardwood nutmegs.

Any suggestions for similar kits?

Al Kapocius

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