Turning Archive 2008

Drum Sanding Alternatives

Justin Fields
>Good morning.

I'm looking for some advice on drum sanding alternatives. I am gluing up my first segmented piece. I made a two-sided miter sled set for 12 & 20-sided rings. I cut all my segments and glued them up into half-rings. Next, I'll lightly sand the exposed segment edges on each half-ring and glue pairs up into full rings. No big problems on any of that so far. But once I have my rings glued up, I don't really know how I'm going to smooth them prior to gluing them together.

I don't have any home workshop, nor do I really have space for one. I work in a Woodcraft membership club using their equipment. While they have a lot of stuff, they don't have a drum sander. I don't think I can really keep a hand-held belt sander parallel enough and even enough not to leave waves or other problems that would show up when turning glued-up rings.

So, what suggestions do you all have for cleaning up my segmented rings? What do you all use on finished individual rings prior to gluing them together?



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