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Cracking - T/R Ratio A Predictor? *LINK*

charlie belden
>There are dream woods and devil woods - the dream woods turn nicely and behave during and after drying. The devil woods seem fated to self destruct no matter what you do. And "Pith In" turning seems to bring out the worst in even the dream woods.

So I'm searching for Predictors of Dream Woods and Devil Woods and I think I've found one - the ratio of Tangential shrinkage to Radial shrinkage values - the T/R Ratio.

If you've done some pith in turning with any of the woods in the T/R Ratio chart on the attached web page I'd like to know if your experience agrees with the T/R Ratio chart. I'd be particularly interested in hearing from some experienced turners who have found a drying method that works consistently for them to eliminate drying rate problems and focus on the characteristics of the specific woods.

Wood is such an interesting materilal. The more understanding of it, the easier it is to play with.

charlie belden

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