Turning Archive 2008

Thanks John Kyler

HeatherA in AK
>I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was trying to find an Axminster offcenter chuck for class that I was taking with Dick Sing. John Kyler was kind enough to send me one that he bought but had never used. We were not sure that it would make it here in time but it did and I had a great time in class. We made the offcenter inlaid disks that Dick is known for and the chuck worked perfectly. I will post a picture when I get one that I like. Dick said that although he has demonstrated making the offcenter inlays many times, this was his first time to teach it in a hands-on class. Everything went well but slower than I think he expected. We also made a birdhouse ornament.

Starting tomorrow I have a 3 day class with Soren Berger. Between both classes and a 36"+ birch burl that My husband found for me in in turners heaven!

Thanks again John!

Heather A.

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