Turning Archive 2008

Box Maker's SIN at AAW Symposium

Mike Stafford
>On Friday night, June 20, from 7:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. there will be a Box Makers Session as part of the Special Interest Night at the AAW Symposium in Richmond. A gathering focused on turned boxes seems particularly appropriate considering the number of box-related demonstrations that will be at this symposium. This Box Makers SIN session will be hosted and moderated by Ed Moore and Mike Stafford.

As of this date, secured commitments from Mr. Richard Raffan and Mr. Benoit Averly to participate in a Question & Answer session have been obtained. Both Mssrs. Raffan and Averly are on the Symposium agenda demonstrating box turning. There are additional persons of note who have made tentative commitments to drop by this Special Interest session and participate as panelists. In addition, Ed Moore insists there will be a surprise Mystery Panelist participating, who Ed refuses to name.

The agenda will include a Box Makers Exhibition/Instant Gallery for that night only where those choosing to exhibit their efforts may place up to two boxes on display. Those choosing to sell their displayed boxes are welcome to do so. The panelists may display as much of their work as they choose. After an appropriate amount of time spent examining the wide variety of boxes in the Box Makers Instant Gallery, the panel of experts will field questions from the attendees. Please note that the Box Makers Instant Gallery will be in the room assigned for this special session and it is NOT part of the main Instant Gallery which is held elsewhere.

Please consider reserving that Friday evening for participation in this discussion and display of turned boxes by AAW enthusiasts

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