Turning Archive 2008

New turning, well.... *PIC*

>at least I turned the knobs. I've spent the last couple of months completing a pair of end tables to complement a new couch and a couple of nice pottery lamps (made by a local artisan). I occasionally foray int the dark/flat side of woodworking to complete work for family. I am not nearly fast enough with this type of work to contemplate selling it, but it is satisfying to make your own furniture. I went all out on these using haunched and pinned mortise and tenons, bridle joints, dovetails on the drawers, breadboards mortised into the legs for the shelf.... I got inspiration from several sources for the design, but much of the construction detail came from Garret Hack. He is virtually a neighbor, and I really like his work (he is a contributing editor for FWW that lives here in VT). Cherry, curly maple, kingwood (knobs and pins) and butternut for drawer bottoms.

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