Turning Archive 2008

Powermatic 3520B lathe

don lewonczyk
>My 3520B arrived at the warehouse in TN on Tuesday and I picked it up Wed. morning put it the shop and then did my farm chores. Didn't get back to it until Fri. morning and only opened the box to get owners manual out. Finally today after farm work mostly done I put it together, man what a horse, the head stock liked to killed me putting it up on the ways, no easy way to hold on to that thing and lining it up by yourself. Anyway this is to David who has the centers off on his 3520B by 0.007, as far as I can tell mine line up perfectly and after putting mine together I can see if you are reluctant to return yours for a new one with the work it was to set it up in the first place but I wouldn't settle for what you have but its your call. I still have to put the 18" ext. on and wire up the plug and then I'll be in good shape. Maybe some day I'll have time to learn how to turn something. Take Care and good luck. DonL

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