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Jumbo Jaw Buttons.............

Jesper, Denmark
>I have to replace the rubber buttons on my Oneway Jumbo jaws. After several years of use, the rubber is getting so hard that it mars the edges of the bowl it is holding. That this is happening is OK, after all, it is normal for rubber to harden and get brittle with time.

The cost of a new set of 8 from Oneway, when you include the shipping to EU gets to be close to $10 per button, which when you add 25% VAT over here gets a little ridiculous.

Does anyone have a different idea for replacing these buttons? They sort of look like the bumpers used on toilet seats in the ol' days.

It would also be interesting if thesre is a lokal price in Canada or US, so I could get a friend to buy locally and send over in an envelope.

I am kinda looking forward to aseeing all the innovative suggestions from the forum.


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