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Need Electrical Info

>House service is 200a. Main breaker is out back. Inside panel is small and full. House is 10 yrs old.

Is it easier to remove some full size 20a and replace with 20a half-size breakers, thus making space for a 220v / 20a circuit?
The panel is sheet rocked into a chase.

The laundry room is on the other side of the garage. Electric dryer with a 30a receptacle. One idea I had was to connect a dryer appliance cord to an electrical disconnect box equipped with a 20a breaker. #10 4-wire sj cord would be connected to the disconnect and run to the lathe with a 20a / 220v receptacle.

Another idea was to surface mount, the current flush mount dryer receptacle, and run conduit through the garage wall. Connected to the surface mount box and a disconnect box with a 20a breaker on the garage wall.

Another option is to run a new line from the back main breaker. There is space for another line...

Any help will be appreciated. John

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