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***Ted needs help by 5pm today (ET)***

Ellis Walentine
>Ted is away from his computer and asked me to please move this message here from the hand tools board, where he inadvertently posted it earlier today. Here's the message. Thanks.


Quick help needed...
Ted Owen, Pittsburgh -- Friday, 7 March 2008, at 9:53 a.m.

Our turning club has decided to run a series of newsletter articles on four important power tools for the turning shop--lathe, grinder, bandsaw, chainsaw. Since I'm a bandsaw nut, I've been asked to write the full-page article, or series of articles if I prefer, on the bandsaw as it relates to turning. And I have to turn it in to the newsletter editor by tonight or tomorrow morning.

I've prepared a quick outline as follows:

size--wheels, resaw, table, weight

new vs. used and pricing

features such as tilt table

blades--skip-tooth, 3tpi, bimetal (carbide only if no nails)

guides--not as important in my view as most people believe

support for uneven and unbalanced stock

wedges to keep kerf open on green stock

cutting order--face and bottom flats, true up ends, then curve cuts

Any quick suggestions on what I'm missing, or what should be fleshed out, would be helpful and appreciated. Sorry for the short notice on my request, but it was equally short for me, too.



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