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Vintage Lathe Restoration *PIC*

David Miller from Iowa
>Hi - first time poster here, but been a regular on the over on the Hand Tool board for years.

Just picked up a vintage lathe (see pic) and had some questions for you all. This thing must weigh close to 400 pounds.

Unmarked except for some casting codes. Any idea what brand this could be? The seller said it was a converted metal lathe and he thought it might be a "Hubbard" - I googled this with poor results.

The original finish is fair but there are a lot of home-drilled holes in the side of the bed I would like to fill and hide. The feet are pretty rusty as well. What is your thinking on refinishing an item like this? Yea or nay?

It has a very old 1/3 horsepower Emerson motor that seems to work OK. Would you folks let it ride or go ahead and upgrade the motor to something from this century?

Needs a few parts - the tool rest is functional, but I would like a longer one. Several of the lockdowns are hex bolts and I would like to get cast iron levers instead - best place for finding parts for this?

I am a pretty tall fellow and my ideal working height is about 3-4 inches taller than this machine. Obviously I could block it up pretty easily, but do any of you have an elegant solution for this?

Thanks, Dav

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