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Sometimes You Get Lucky (1 of 2) *PIC*

charlie belden
>Last month Jimmy Clewes did a daylong demonstration at our club, Silicon Valley Woodturners. The first of the three pieces he turned that day began with a chunk of walnut ten inches long, four inches wide and about three inches thick - of black walnut. The piece was mounted between centers - five inches of wood on either side of center and the lathe was turned on and dialed up to the max rpms a Stubby lathe will go - which is around 3,000 RPMS!

Now despite his warning to the people sitting 10 feet behind
the lathe - no one in the Line of Fire moved - until the piece came up to about half its final speed. THEN people moved - and moved more when it maxed out at 3K rpms!

The sound diminished as the bottom of a "chinese lidded box" got closer and closer to it's final shape, which involved chucking to do the bottom of the bottom - which was pretty tricky to turn.

ANYWAY - the pieces he turned that day were raffle prizes - $5 a ticket. I bought four tickets and had the first number drawn. I chose the Clewes Chinese Lidded Box. It's not a fully finished piece - but it is signed and dated.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should buy a state lottery ticket or two and really press my luck.

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Sometimes You Get Lucky (1 of 2) *PIC*
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