Turning Archive 2008

Doug Thompson Tools....

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>A few days ago I received 2 tools from Doug Thompson. A 5/8 in bowl gouge and a 3/8 in. detail gouge. I installed a wood handle on the bowl gouge. I prefer the feel of wood. To give the tool a little more weight and a better balance I bored a hole in the end and installed a little lead shot. (I used to do a lot of skeet shooting and loaded my own shotshells. I still have a supply of #9 shot) I gave the tool a test run today and really like it. On my tool rack I have a Henry Taylor gouge, a powder metal Hamlet gouge and 2 Glaser gouges. I have a feeling that the Thompson tool will be my go-to gouge.

I haven't installed a handle on the detail gouge yet but plan to get at it soon, and am looking forward to using it.


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