Turning Archive 2008

1 3/8" Lacer Skew: metal types

Joe Pack
>I am looking at ebay right now (7:20 p.m., edt), hoping to get a new 1 3/8" Lacer Skew, but the bid price just went to $103 plus shipping ($110 as of now). Too rich for my blood, although this particular model is the 2030 steel that retails for +/- $160 at Rockler and such. The regular M2 steel variety goes for about $112 retail. (With the regular 20% off coupons I get by e-mail or with a turners club discount, I can buy the M2 version for about $90 almost any time.) I imagine the $103 is a good price for the "better" steel, but this got me wondering...

For the average woodturner, is the premium price for the premium steel worth the money? It will supposedly hold an edge 2-3 times longer, but is there an added difficulty in sharpening that is a negative for the average person?

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