Turning Archive 2008

Marion Randolph *PIC*

john lucas
>I did a photo shoot of my friend Marion this weekend for a possible article for Woodturning. Marion makes big things. He's 82 and about 5/6" but turns bowls as big as 30". Here is a photo of him at the lathe. For the actual turning photos he stuck a piece of Mimosa on there. We all starting sneezing immediately. It was the only piece he had ready for the lathe so we kept it to minimum.

His homemade lathe was copied after Ed Moultroup's. It weights about 1000 lbs thanks to 7:50 lbs of lead that he got from the local shooting range. It has a 2hp motor and uses a riding lawnmower transmission to drive it. The shaft is 2 1/2" with 1 1/2" thread to match his old powermatic. He was turning a wasteblock on the powermatic for his next bowl. The wasteblock is bigger than many people's normal bowls.

I sure hope I'm that sharp and in that good a physical shape when I'm 82. He also has to haul this wood down to the basement. He sets the log on the top of the steps. Then piles a bunch of small limbs on the steps to absorb the fall. The he pushes the log down the steps. One day he was walking down to adjust the branches and the log just fell and followed him down. Broke his leg but being the trooper that he is he didn't go to the doctor until later that evening.

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