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David Yoho
>Have time? Stop by and see our three newest Shop Shot submissions!

In shot #872, Ron Messersmith shares a look into his journey of becoming a woodworker and building a successful business. Of all of Ron's accomplished works, he personally finds wooden toy making most enjoyable. The details and figured woods he uses set his toys apart from most I've seen.

In shot #373, Terry Dickinson shows his solution for safe and organized storage of his finer instruments. His chest-style toolbox is as beautiful as it it functional - a real treat for the eye. This is an excellent project to sharpen up those fine cabinetmaking skills and, from the looks of this work, I'd say Terry's skills are well honed!

Finally, in shot #374, Keith Newton shares his alternative to using veneer tape when laying up veneers. From looking at his first three photos, I think you'll agree he must be doing something right! With all the veneering work Keith has done, he's found a time-saving method that works well for him and is sharing it for others to consider. In case you missed it, this Shop Shot submission is a response to an earlier thread on the main messageboard. You can reference that thread by Clicking Here.

Many thanks to all of you who have submitted your work. I still have more great Shots I will be working on, so stay tuned!


David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

NEW Shop Shots!

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