Turning Archive 2008

Turning first plate

>Hello all,

I have turned bed posts and other cylindrical things. I want to turn my first plate/platter. I have questions about how to hold the workpiece while turning it. I have a OneWay chuck, and could get a faceplate if that is what is needed here. I plan to start with a small 1" thick by 7" piece of wood. I cut it round on the bandsaw. Then, how do I mount it on the chuck to turn it? Since it is a plate I don't want any holes in it. That seems to rule out a faceplate screwed to the piece. Do I glue a block on the back that the chuck can grab? If so how do I get the glued on piece off? What type of glue should I use. I have also heard of people using double sided tape. Will that work to hold a workpiece while turning it. If so what type of tape should I use?

Thanks for any help!

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