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PM3520B - Comments Cont. *PIC*

David - Indianapolis
>Thanks to everyone that took the time to post. As I expected, the comments spanned the range and there was lots of advice on things to try.

I thought I would provide an update as I have done a number of things, followed suggestions, etc.

First, releveled the lathe, to within 0.001 in both x and y.

Second, measured the runout again with a better dial. Impressive, approximately 0.0005 across the speed range.

Third, checked again the alignment of the headstock and tailstock at multiple positions along the bed (as before, consistent along the entire length with the same displacement. As I thought (and Bill Hale suggested) the deviation is consistent along the length of the ways thus it sounds like equipment error not leveling. My thoughts but it can not be shimmed as the deviation is in the horizontal plane and the headstock and tailstock are a tight fit.

Fourth, turned my first box. So I have now made one bowl and one box. Had fun and it didn't seem to matter. The lid fits well. I tried for some decorative detail but kept messing up and had to trim it down. The walls are thin but I think it is pretty cool.

Have included picture of the deviation (same along the entire bed, multiple headstock and tailstock inserts from the new and my old metal lathe tried)

Anyway, going to contact Mr. Osolnik to see if this is an issue and will let you know what happens.

Thanks again,


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