Turning Archive 2008

.007" revisited...

Mike Jones, Redding, CA
>Seems most answers to "David" of Indianapolis' post regarding misalignment between centers on his new PM3520 were dismissive, "fogettaboutit" type answers. Now, I am wondering if my own thinking is badly misaligned because I couldn't disagree more.

Help me understand. If centers in headstock and tailstock are brought together and the pointy ends miss by .007", and if this misalignment were the result of one end or the other pointing a fraction of a degree off, then wouldn't the projected line from either center widen the gap as the centers are moved apart?

And wouldn't such misalignment show up in nearly every "between centers" application where reversing end-to-end were intended?

Upgrading to a new PM3520 with "dead-on" centers sure has reduced the frustration I used to experience.

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